Peace, Love & Wellness


Welcome to Bliss Health & Wellness

Bliss Health & Wellness was created with the intention of providing services that assist in balancing the body, mind and spirit. We must find ways to nurture our heart and soul while keeping ourselves moving with life.

At Bliss we combine health education, stress management, wellness coaching, massage, meditation and exercise to create your wellness plan.

Seventy percent or more of chronic disease is based in our lifestyle. Nutrition, fitness, and stress management are vital components to our holistic health. There is no single approach to wellness that applies to everyone. The key to lasting health is learning to understand your unique self.

At Bliss, we take a holistic approach to treat the whole person including mental and social factors in addition to physical symptoms. You have the power to change your perception. You have the power to change your world.


¬†Follow your bliss…find your health.