Massage & Bodywork

Most sessions combine massage, breathing, and stretching to unwind stressed and tired muscles.  The feeling of being touched in a safe, caring, compassionate manner can be a very powerful experience that can unwind the taut, pent-up emotions that one doesn’t always have time to process throughout the day.  As studies continue to reveal the link between kinesiology and our physical and emotional health, the effects of massage will be further documented.  However, one need only experience a good massage to know it’s beneficial to body and soul.

Regardless of what session you choose, you will receive a customized blend of massage techniques to achieve your desired result depending upon your lifestyle, work, injuries, and pain.  During your consultation we will discuss your specific issues before the session begins to ensure we work on what is most important to you. All sessions include ginger fomentation and hydrotherapy.  Please be sure to communicate during the session to ensure your therapeutic needs are being met.


30 Minute Focused Session – $50

During your consultation we will discuss your specific issues and spend our session working the targeted area of concern. This session is used for targeting areas of concern without working the entire body.


60 Minute Session – $75

This session will address the entire body, usually starting with the feet and ending at the top of the head but can be customized to your preference. We will focus on the areas of concern while adapting our session to include issues discovered on the table.  This session is ideal for health maintenance.


90 Minute Session – $100

This session is more intensive than the traditional, the additional time is balanced out across the body depending upon your interview and what is discovered on the table.  This session is ideal for those recovering injury, chronic pain or suffer from severe stress.


120 Minute Intensive Session – $140

This session takes the 90 minute intensive session a step further by including foot reflexology using hot ginger towels and warm organic cocoa butter, plus the sinus release. This session is ideal for those times when you have reduced your health, endurance or coping ability to an unhealthy level. This session will ensure you are pampered as well as healed.


Abdominal Massage – $50

The abdomen has been referred to as the “seat of the emotions” and this healing work can help to access difficult emotions. Abdominal massage can also be useful in supporting optimal digestion, overall stress reduction, easing menstrual symptoms and repositioning of the uterus in women. For women, the best time to receive abdominal massage is after menstruation and before ovulation.  For patients going through IVF, abdominal massage is supportive and safe once or twice a week up until an injectable cycle begins. Abdominal massage is discouraged once stimulation begins or following an IVF procedure. Abdominal massage can also be incorporated into a massage session or as an add on service.


Foot Reflexology – $50

This half hour session begins with a hot ginger towel wrap and concludes with warm organic cocoa butter to soothe and renew tired feet.  Foot reflexology helps improve circulation and reduces discomfort such as headaches and stomach alignments. A natural and non-medical approach to helping the body.


Kansa Face Massage – $50

This half hour session pulls tension, heat, and acidity away from the face, particularly from around the eyes.  Think of the kansa wand as a stress eraser, rejuvenating the face with the healing metal from India.


Sinus Release – $50

This session is 30 minutes of nurturing, gentle stokes that relax the muscles of the face, neck and shoulders while working sinus pressure points to provide drainage and relief from sinus headaches.