Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching involves developing a customized, personal plan to assist you in lifestyle changes to enhance your well being and reach your goals. Health coaching can help with a variety of issues, including stress management, following new nutritional, exercise, and weight-loss plans, and also managing chronic conditions.

Seventy percent or more of chronic disease is based in our lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, and stress management. There is no single approach to wellness that applies to everyone.  The key to lasting health is understanding your unique self. More information on this page.

Body Work


Most sessions combine massage, breathing, and stretching to unwind stressed and tired muscles.  The feeling of being touched in a safe, caring, compassionate manner can be a very powerful experience that can unwind the taut, pent-up emotions that one doesn’t always have time to process throughout the day.  As studies continue to reveal the link between kinesiology and our physical and emotional health, the effects of massage will be further documented.  However, one need only experience a good massage to know it’s beneficial to body and soul.

Regardless of what session you choose, you will receive a customized blend of massage techniques to achieve your desired result depending upon your lifestyle, work, injuries, and pain.  During your consultation we will discuss your specific issues before the session begins to ensure we work on what is most important to you. All sessions include ginger fomentation and hydrotherapy.  Please be sure to communicate during the session to ensure your therapeutic needs are being met. More information here.