Fascia Blasting

Love your body

Fascia is everywhere and it can bind to any structure in the body, causing pain, the appearance of cellulite and dysfunction. When fascia is tight, it pulls down on the fascia sheath below the skin, it can restrict blood flow and nerve signals. Fascia also can encase muscles, not allowing the cuts to show through. Tight fascia can torque and tighten joints and be a pre-curser to more serious issues such as strains, ligament problems, back pain, swelling, limited range of motion and more. Overall tight fascia can cause headaches, full body aches and rob us of vitality.

Fascia plays an important role in how your body looks and feels. Kristina  offers Fascia Blasting sessions that are popular for pain reduction, injury recover, diminished look of cellulite and increased flexibility. 

This treatment is a non-medical approach to helping the body. Blasting is done as an independent treatment with minimal massage included in session.

Fascia Blasting:
60 minutes $85
90 minutes $125

More information about the Fascia Blaster™ and Ashley Black can be found here.